Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We are home...

Good morning from windy Wisconsin. The weather is quite different than what we encountered in Ethiopia (80-90 each day without a cloud in the sky).

We made it back home on Friday evening around 7pm. The airlines tried to make it as hard as possible to get home, but surprisingly we were only an hour late from our scheduled itinerary. It was an amazing journey. Words cannot express what we experienced, and the emotions that we felt while in Ethiopia.

Today, I thought that I would write a quick little blog personally thanking all those individuals who provided the donations that we were able to take to Ethiopia. We have amazing friends and family. A special thank you goes out to our Church Family at New Life Church, as well as Kevin at Door Creek Pharmacy. The donations that we recieved will make a dramatic difference. We were able to bring over 150 lbs of donations to Ethiopia. The donations were given to the CHSFS (our agency) care center, as well as AHOPE, an AIDS orphanage in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia is an amazing place. The people are proud even though poverty is obvious, and it is amazing how many warm smiles and God Bless you's one encounters while on the streets. We are truly priviliged to bring back a part of Ethiopia.

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Sanj said...

Happened to come here from Chris' blog. I was really touched to see this story and it really inspires me to consider doing something like this sometime in the future. Best wishes to Mekebo and all of you... I am very happy for him that he has such caring parents and wish him a bright future.