Monday, September 26, 2011


Sad, mad, happy, blessed= all of the emotions that I felt, very strongly, all in one day.

It was 4am last Monday and I woke up to Brian rubbing my back like he had something to tell me. He had just checked my e-mail (which had been very common for the past 3 weeks since we were submitted to the US Embassy and were waiting to receive news) and he informed me that the US Embassy was requesting more information and paperwork re: Kokeb. We were not cleared to bring her home at this time.

Sad. I started to cry and didn't stop until I got out of the shower at 8:30am. I am ready to hold her in my arms. Her brothers are constantly talking about when their sister is coming home. Isn't 3 years long enough? But, for some reason, now is not the time.

Mad. After crying for so many hours, my tears were all dried up. I started to get mad at anyone involved in Kokeb's adoption especially regarding her paperwork. They have had 12 months to get her paperwork completed. Aghhhhh!

Happy. My friend, Jessica, with whom we met when we traveled with to Ethiopia in June, informed me that they were cleared to go and pick up their daughter. Their daughter is best friends with Kokeb. Jessica and Jason have been through a long adoption process and they are going to be wonderful parents. I can't wait for them to come home with their little princess.

Blessed. The night before we received the e-mail from the Embassy, one of my friends from Madison called and asked if they could come up for the day. So, God knew what he was doing and placed some wonderful friends in my life on Monday to cheer me up and keep me optimistic. I am blessed to have great friends. I am blessed to have my family. I am blessed that this will be an ethical adoption.

I know that God is orchestrating this from Above. I know there is a reason for all of this. I haven't felt this sad in a very long time, but I also haven't felt this blessed in a very long time. I pray that Kokeb is safe, is healthy, and is loved.

We have no idea how much longer "this" road may be. But, then again, our whole life is one big adventure and the road never ends.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Little Girl's Room: Evidence of Love

Today as I was finishing up hanging the final flowers on Kokeb's wall, I was looking around and realizing that this room means so much to me. It is a room full of love. Although Kokeb will probably not sleep in this room for many many months (because she will, of course, be sleeping with her mom and dad), it is symbolic of the last three years. For three years we have been waiting to bring home our princess. For the past three years we have had family and friends who have been thinking about us and praying for Kokeb's arrival into our family.

Here is some evidence...

My sister Pam gave us the dresser and mirror. All I had to do was paint it to make it a little more feminine.

All I have to do is tell my friend Amanda that I am in need of something and she is sure to go digging for one. She is letting us borrow her car seat (don't worry, her kids still have car seats). I can't wait to get it all buckled in the van.

My friend Melissa gave us a soft purple-flowered blanket and a soft book. It is in Koki's just can't see it. She is so thoughtful.

My dear friend Terri brought the pink bunny and carrot the day that we received our referral for Kokeb. It touched my heart and brought me such joy that someone would understand the excitement we had on that day.

My sister-in-law Cathy and my niece, Haley , gave Kokeb the green "Scentsy" frog to go along with the Princess and the Frog doll that she has. I can't wait to put the scent in when she arrives home!
This was totally a Daddy's purchase for Kokeb's first birthday. Of course his little princess would want a doll house, right? It was a good deal at a second-hand store in Minnesota. We hope she will play with it when she gets older (and doesn't want to eat the furniture).

Of course, I have to put another plug in for Brian. He took out the windows in her room and just finished installing them. He did a great job!

Ikea. I was looking at this light for a year and decided that it had a place in Kokeb's room. Love it. It is totally girlie.

And the closet. Ahhh... Some days I just open the closet and peek in. I don't think I have had to purchase more than a couple of articles of clothing. My friend Terri totally hooked me up. My sister-in-law Kristina also handed me some of her daughter's clothes. And yesterday, my friend Ingrid gave me some of her darling daughter's clothes and shoes. I am set. She is going to be a beautiful little girl.

Also, during the past month we have received a lot of donations to bring to the orphanage in Ethiopia. Thank you to Kelly, Melissa, Ingrid, my parents, the Bendels, Helen and the numerous others that have donated items and money for us to bring. It WILL make a difference in the life of a child.

It has been 3 weeks today that we have been waiting to be "cleared" by the US Embassy in Ethiopia. It is usually a 2-3 week wait. There has been Labor Day and the Ethiopian New Year, so the holidays have slowed it down. We hope that we receive news soon about our travel date.
Thanks for all of your prayers.