Friday, July 25, 2008

We sold our home in Cottage Grove...but the house at S3753 Woodland Rd in Viroqua is a different story

Good morning everyone. Jill and I successfully closed on our property on 4435 Baxter Rd in Cottage Grove on July 1st. The attempted closing of our "new" property on July 1st at S3754 Woodland Rd in Viroqua was a different story. During the final walk through we encountered mold, and wet carpeting in my new office. To make a long story short, the relocation company who currently owns the property (that has been vacant for close to 10 months) decided to pull out of the transaction, which obviously slightly irritated since it appears they walked away from a binding agreement, which gives a number of legal options to reclaim expenses that we lost with the property. The entire offer process with the company was unprofessional/quite trying; 1. Less than a week (5-days I think) notice for closing (after I contacted them directly to get a time/date), 2. Water/mold issue (saturated carpet/mold that sat unattended for a month and a half), 3. Company dealing with mold (they do not have a good understanding as to the scale of the damage (more than one location in the basement, haven't removed based boards in some locations, nor addressed saturation in some locations even though they supposedly "started"). 4. Broken inoperable furnace (required new part to work). 5. Rotten window/more mold? 6. No timeline to address issues, nor do I feel that the issue will be handled correctly. The whole process has been full of incompetence. When buying a house, it should not be this difficult, especially who you are supposedly dealing with companies that are suppose to specialize in the process. As you can see we have moved forward and are currently in the process of acquiring another property. In the meantime, we have been "homeless" for the last 25 day, and have been shuffling between family and friends in Madison, Lake Mills, and V-Town.
Till we talk again. The next post will have some new pics of Mekebo, and the new house.

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