Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Anderson Style

2012. Where have you gone? On this New Year Eve, I have been thinking back to the last year and all of the adjustments in our family. Bringing a 15-month-old into our family has had its small challenges, but mostly it has brought us great blessings. 

It has been such an amazing thing to watch Kokeb transform. From a shy 15-month-old girl to a 2-year-old independent, animated, sneaky, attitude-filled little girl, she has added so much life to our family. She loves her dolls, but she also loves to wrestle and play bad-guys & good-guys with Elijah and Mekebo. She loves her puppy, Mill Mill. She likes to wear anything with pockets. She likes to listen to Waka Waka and TobyMac. 

Instead of rambling on and on about Koki and what her personality is like, I think pictures may tell a better story.

 Kokeb loves to imitate her brothers. They are her buddies and protectors. 

 Eli and Kokeb in Spring 2012 enjoying the last of the snow, with some rain added on top.

 Our final court date in Wisconsin. 

 Kokeb has enjoyed our small farm in the small city. Zee, our favorite chicken, died on Christmas Eve. Sniff, sniff.

 Mickey (Makinley) is one of her best friends (even though they don't like to share dolls).

 Having another girl in our house has been at times, interesting, but she has stolen my heart.

 Kokeb and her life-long friend Bereket at a beach this summer. We are so blessed to have her family just a day trip away.

 Horse tank?'s a pool for three little Andersons during the hot Wisconsin months.

 Kokeb with her Uncle Bart on her birthday/dedication day in August 2012. Look at that smile!

 Kokeb loves her Papa and Grandma. She loves going to their house and hanging out at the farm with them. 

 Kokeb doesn't willingly go to many people, but she also loves Justin and Amanda. They are her godparents and dear friends of ours. Kokeb spends a lot of her days having imaginary phone conversations with them. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We wish you a safe and healthy 2013. 

In my last post, about one year ago, I told you that people were asking us if our family was complete. Well, I guess the answer was no. We have room for one more. 
Elijah, Mekebo, and Kokeb are excited to announce that they will be welcoming a new brother or sister  in June of 2013. 
As always, we Andersons like to keep the chaos constant.