Saturday, January 14, 2012

Giggles & Smiles...One Month Home

 My friend Amanda snapped these pictures today. 

"So do you finally feel that your family is complete?"; this is the question I have gotten many times since we have brought home Kokeb one month ago. I do not know if Kokeb will be our last child. But, I do know that my heart is so full of love right now that sometimes I feel like I could just burst. Right now all that I can do is thank God for Elijah, Mekebo and Kokeb. I LOVE being a mother to them all.

Since stepping off of the airplane in December, Kokeb has been a trooper. I am in awe of all of the new things she has had to endure. Some times were tough. From meeting the oodles of family at Christmas weekends to suffering through pneumonia, she has shown us what a trooper she is.

This week she has turned a definite corner in trusting us. Up until this week, I had carried her in the Ergo carrier almost throughout the entire day (yes, my house was a disaster, but I didn't care). Earlier this week she actually let me walk out of the room without crying. She is starting to explore the house on her own. She is giving kisses freely to the boys and her parents. She tries to climb into any box-shaped object (no matter how small). She has the funniest facial expressions. She laughs hysterically. She loves to sled (we found that out today). She walks around with Eli's sword and hits it on objects and says "ah" (the joys of having brothers). She talks on the phone. She can sign "more" and "all done". She can say "Momma", "Dadda", "Papa" and is starting to say "More". And boy does she eat more! She is still pretty shy around others, but I know it will come over time.

So, one month after she has been a part of our family, Kokeb is starting to show her true personality...and it is wonderful. And, once again, we are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. So many people have brought us meals and gifts for Kokeb. We appreciate it more than you will ever know.