Saturday, March 1, 2008

This little guy is from the Hadiya zone in Southern Ethiopia

We dreamed of you long before you came into our world.
We dreamed about adopting a little boy or little girl.
We didn't yet know when or where or even if or how,
But we knew the child we dreamed about would come to us somehow.
The ocean of adoption has arough and tumble tide,
But we jumped into the water knowing you were worth the ride.
And even though the journey had some sad and stormy weather,
The prize will be worth a million storms when we will be joined together.
It's difficult to dare to dream of becoming a father or mother,
When you can't control your destiny and need the help of others.
That's why you're such a miracle -you found us and we found you.
We dared to dream I dreamed of you.
I dreamed...and you came true!~Karen Burniston

Why adopt?
-By Brian

Life is a journey that has many avenues that we all must experience. How we make the journey is what defines us as individuals and makes us unique. For Jill and I, having additional children whether biologically or via adoption really didn’t matter to us. We were both raised with similar life experiences, and beliefs. We have been extremely blessed with a strong sense of spirit, health, and family.

During Jill and I's physical and spiritual walk together we decided that this life journey is one that we wanted to experience to the fullest. We have been blessed with many friends and family who have gone through the adoption process (both as adoptees and adopters), and their life experiences pointed us even further toward the decision to adopt. We chose to adopt from Ethiopia because of its people, as well as it’s pressing need for help. Ethiopia has a long proud history. The oldest Churches outside of Israel exist in Ethiopia. Additionally, the average Ethiopian makes less than $100/year. Yes I wrote that correctly: $100. Even though poverty runs rampant, they are still a proud people with a strong sense of self and hope.

We are leaving for Ethiopia on March 8, 2008. We are leaving early to experience rural Ethiopia. We will be touring the Southern Region, visiting far-off sounding places such as: Ziway, Wondo Genet, Arba Minch, Lake Langano, etc. We are thoroughly excited to see the area in which Mekebo is from. Jill, Glenda (Jill's mom), and I will be making this journey to take Mekebo home together. We can't wait to meet our little boy and bring him home.


KaraLaeser said...

Brian N Jill
I cant wait till my little nephew is here! I know you guys will be great parents!! I cant wait to spoil him and love him to pieces! Good luck on your trip and be safe! Give him kisses for me
Love always your sister

Bertram Family said...

We will be praying for all aspects of your trip, and trusting the Spirit for the things we can't think of (Rom 8:26). God Bless you!
Larry, Kim and kids

Out of Hadiya said...

Have a safe trip. Roy

Runnings said...

You are off to get your baby boy! We are so excited to meet him. We will hopefully be able to come March 30th. We will have to get details later! Have a wonderful trip and take care! I will be checking in with you guys often!
Love Ya- Amanda, Justin, Remington and Hudson

The Kanis' said...

Brian and Jill,

Hope you have made it to Ethiopia safe and sound! Eli is wonderful! He is very comfortable! He loves having the kids around. He is usually singing or talking! What a joy to have him here! We hope all is well for you. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Mekebo is one fortunate kid. He is being blessed with a wonderful family!

The Kanis'

The Kanis' said...

Hey Jill and Brian

We were showing Eli pictures of Mamush and he knew who he was right away(it was the newest picture). So we printed it off so he could look at it and he was hugging it and giving the picture kisses. I think he is excited to see the pictures.

~Kaitlyn and Sheila

Angie Baker said...

Congratulations! Today is your big day, and it turns out that it is a very happy day for us as well:) I love the new pictures of Mekebo, what a cutie. Can't wait to hear all about it, and meet him in person soon.


Sylina Condon said...

It sounds like you are having an amazing time--can't wait to hear all the details and meet your beautiful little boy! Have a safe trip home!

Love, Sylina