Wednesday, June 29, 2011

YES! An update.......

Today is Wednesday and the first day that we have been able to check e-mail. It will be a short message, but we want to let everyone know a little bit about our time here. Our hearts are filled with love today. On Sunday we met Mekebo's birthmother. Mekebo, I want you know know that your birthmother is amazing. You are so much like her. She wants to see you. She wants you to know that she loves you. You have 2 families that love you!

And then our little girl...she is perfect. She has not warmed up to us yet, but hopefully some day she will love us. We spent about 5 hours with her on Monday. She cried a lot. She loves her nannies. The Director of the orphanage told us that he would like us to come back later this week to spend time with her so we will spend Friday with her. He thinks it will help her transition a little better. We can't wait to see her again. I can't imagine leaving her here but we know she is loved.

Yesterday we were able to visit the government run orphanage in Addis. Wow, we are blessed that she is in a private orphanage. Friends and families, be prepared for me to ask for donations. The next time we come back we want to bring many donations to this orphanage. The conditions are devastating.

Please pray for us. Tomorrow is our court date and we really want to pass. Tomorrow we will transfer to a new guesthouse near the airport.

Eli and Mu- we miss you dearly and we can't wait for you to meet your new sister. She will love you. She is beautiful. Her hair is curly and her eyelashes are amazing. She is wearing 6-9 month clothes now. We hope you are having a great time with Uncle Matt and Aunt Cath and Noah and Haley. We will see you on Sunday. I hope you are being good and listening well. Mekebo, we can't wait to show you pictures of your birthmother. She is about 5'0''. Love and kisses.

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