Friday, June 24, 2011

And we are OFF!!!

Viroqua to Madison. Check. (A big thank you to Erin for taking the boys! Also, Molly Kramer rocks for driving us to the airport!)
Madison to Chicago. Check. 
Chicago to Dulles. Check.
Dulles to Addis...about to board the plane for the 12 hour ride. 

We are so excited to see what the next 9 days are going to bring. Emotions are going to fly. We arrive in Addis on Saturday at 0745 (they are 8 hours ahead of Wisconsin). 
We will continue to update. They are now calling for us to board. 

Eli and Mu- we love you SO much and can't wait to see you soon! Kisses! Hugs! We will give you sister kisses for you! 


Cathy K said...

Just thought we would check in. Boys are doing great. They took part in the big wheel races down at the park today. eli did great and Mushy, well... he started to cry when they said GO! but they had a good day in a whole. We will keep checking so that the boys can see what you are up to. XOXO Cathy and the boys

Cathy K said...

Ok so today we went to church with Bart, Erin and the boys. Eli and Ry sang their VBS songs in front of the church and did great. Tonight before we went to a fellowship bonfire I made the kids some chicken and green beans and I told Mushy that he had to try a couple of the beans. He looked at me and said" Aunt Cathy you know that a couple means TWO" so he only had to eat two beans! I couldn't argue that one, next time I have to be a little smarter! They are doing well and they ay their prayers every night, saying one for mommy and daddy and Kokeb. Hope all is going good. XOXO Cathy and the boys