Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saint Mary Day

We have always wanted to attend a church service in Ethiopia, but we have never had the chance...until today. It was amazing and each minute I kept pinching myself to make sure I was really experiencing such an amazing thing. Our driver, Solomon, picked us up at 7am. We traveled about 40 minutes to Entoto Mountain in Addis. He explained that today was a very special day, Saint Mary Day. This happens two times a year (Jess, what is the chance, huh?). We drove to the top of Entoto Mountain to attend church (Kiddus Raguel) at the oldest church in Addis Ababa. There were people singing and dancing all over the streets in Addis. People swarmed through the gates to the church. We never entered the church building because the service took place outside of the church. We even were blessed by the Prince of the church. We left the service about 30 minutes before it ended...and we had already been there for 2 hours. The chanting, dancing and rituals were amazing to watch. We had no idea what was being said, but the people were clapping and bowing and singing. Brian did take some footage of the service. Mom, I just kept thinking how you would have loved it. We will come back again so you can experience it. After the service we were able to see the Saint Mary Church and Museum. This is where the Emperor Menalik lived and was buried. Our driver also drove us through the Merkato. Holy smokers. I have NEVER seen so many people in one area before. New York City has nothing on the Merkato in Addis Ababa. It was breathtaking. People were selling everything you can think of. We came back to the Guest House this afternoon and took a nap. It is 7:30pm here now (on Sunday) and I think I better stay up pretty late so that I actually sleep tonight. Tomorrow is a big day. We get to see Kokeb and bring her to the Guest House in the afternoon. Maybe tomorrow night we will post some pictures. The internet has been working here which has been nice. We talked to our boys yesterday and they sounded pooped (Thanks for watching them Ruthie! I hope that they refrained from Bad Guys/Good Guys). I am sure they had fun with Macy too! Mekebo and Elijah- We love you! Did you listen to Melissa and Sarah today? We will be home in 5 days with your sister.

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Glenda Kanis said...

I think that Christmas looks, smells, and sounds like love. God sent his son to be the ultimate gift of love.
Everything is wrapped up in love.
mom i luv u.

Can you tell he is excited about knowing his verse? He figured it out on the way to church this morning. He couldn't get to church fast enough.
Yes, they had a good time with Ruthie, Ben, and Ava. That worked out well.
Tonight they are staying with Garriet. Tuesday they will be staying with Teri.
Eli was trying to figure out on the way home from church how he could get 6 kids to his birthday party. He finally decided that Mekebo would just not be able to come.
Had a good, restful night last night. I think Mekebo had just been too infused with movies the day before. Too much excitement!!
Glad to hear all is going well. Can't get you out of my mind. Rest good. Yes.. Big day tomorrow. Love you.