Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quick Rejection

Currently, this dress is our symbol of hope. Why? Read on.

Quick recap: On Wednesday (23rd) we found out that our paperwork had been resubmitted to the US Embassy in Addis. Thursday was Thanksgiving. Friday morning we received an e-mail requesting additional information/interview. So, we were not cleared to bring Kokeb home.

We didn't think the Embassy was open on Friday, so we were happy that we were rejected quickly. We are hoping that the interview will take place quickly.

On Thursday night, Brian and I did most of our Christmas shopping online. Earlier in the week we had seen a dress that we fell in love with and thought would be perfect for Christmas for Koki. After finding out that it was sold out online, my friend Melissa picked it up for us on Black Friday.

We are hoping she will be able to wear it for Christmas...this year. We are keeping the faith.

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