Tuesday, July 26, 2011

O Happy Day!

Today I am proud and (beyond) happy to announce our daughter, Kokeb Marcia Anderson.
Today we passed court in Ethiopia. Yes, we were in Ethiopia for our court appointment on June 30. However, the judge was missing a letter from the Ministry of Womens, Childrens, and Youth Affairs. Today we were told that the letter was received. Now we are considered the legal parents of Kokeb in Ethiopia.

Every day we pray for our daughter. Every day we wish she was home with us and not half-way across the world. Last night was my breaking point and God heard me. I feel like I have been pretty patient over the past 2 1/2 years, but now I am starting to get a little anxious.

Kokeb means "star". She is our star. Elijah and Mekebo love her already and they haven't even met her. Marcia (the "i" is supposed to have an accent over it) is after my mother. She has been so wonderful through each of our adoption processes. She even went with us to Ethiopia to see Kokeb in June. We are so thankful for wonderful, supportive parents.

What is next? We have to do some more waiting. We need to receive her birth certificate, visa and a US Embassy date. The time will seem long without her. To keep our time occupied Brian is going to Canada, the boys and I are going to Kansas to visit my brother, we are remodeling some of our kitchen, and we are reading books on attachment!

Thanks for all of your prayers. Please don't stop!


Ramblings of Christine said...

OH!!!! I am so happy for you, she is so beautiful. I will pray that all goes smoothly from here on out...and quickly (as things don't usually move quickly in Africa)!!!!


Brooke said...

Jill! What a beautiful little girl! I am so happy for you and Brian and the boys. I hope this time goes quickly for you and you have her home before you know it. Sending lots of good wishes and prayers your way! Congratulations!!!!