Saturday, April 2, 2011

Over the last year and a half...

Where has the last year and a half gone? I laugh when I read the last posting I made. There has been so many changes and some things haven't changed a bit!

We are still having the time of our lives with our two boys. Elijah is 5-years-old and Mekebo is 3-years-old. They play together all day long and it is rare for them to be a part. Eli loves to draw and play baseball. Mushi just likes to do whatever his big brother does. Mu tickles my heart everyday with the comments and physical expressions he gives me. In a nutshell, we are blessed!

The adoption wait for our little girl was getting long, but we were doing pretty well being patient. It helps knowing that God is in control. In regards to adoption, Ethiopia was having some unethical adoptions, so the government is looking into each case more extensively. Knowing that the ethics are being improved makes it worth the wait.

So, on March 31, we received a referral for a 7-month old little girl. Brian was driving to Nebraska for work, and I was at home with the boys. We got the call from our social worker from CHSFS. I have been dreaming about this moment for 27 months! I was sad that I couldn't be in the same room with Brian when we got the news, but we were able to do a 3-way-call. It took all but 2 hours to accept the referral.

I wish I could share her beautiful picture, but we will have to pass court before that happens. All I can say is that she is GORGEOUS! Now at night I lay awake thinking about her and praying that the nannies are taking good care of her.

The journey continues. We don't know when we will travel for court (trip #1), but they estimate 12-20 weeks. After we return from our court trip, we will have more waiting to do. We then will wait to hear about our Embassy Date (trip #2).

What to do while we wait? I think I will make some cute dresses and knit some pink sweaters. That should pass the time, right? I am going to read some books on attachment. Bringing home our sweet daughter at an older age will be different than bringing home Mekebo at 5-months old. I am going to finish painting her room (why? especially since she will be sleeping with us for a long while). I may have to start investing in lavender to put on my pillow so I sleep better at night and don't stay up the whole night thinking about her. I am going to run some races. I am going to work more so I don't have to work as much when she comes home.

Am I guarded? A little. But it is SO hard to be guarded. I just want to love her with everything I am, but I don't want to be crushed if something happens. I am blessed to have a family that supports us. If something does happen, they would be there to support us.

Regarding my sister and her husband, Brian: they adopted a beautiful princess domestically. She is a wonderful addition to their family! And her three brothers adore her. She is a blessing to our family because she will be great friends with our new little girl.

So, today we worked on our Acceptance Paperwork. Bring followed the FedEx truck around town until he stopped and asked how much it was to send something overnight. After the mad driving, we decided to wait to send it in until Monday.

Thank you God for our little girl. Thank you God for her birth family and her birth country. Thank you God for our family that supports us. And to the nannies that are taking care of her, thank you!

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